Cheer Parent Meeting Notes 2022

● Made for kids entering Kinder in the fall through 6th grade for the
upcoming 22/23 school year

● Registration will open April 4th and close April 17th at midnight.
Registration fees are non refundable
● For safety of all teams we will cap each team at 24 kids, it will be first
come, first serve. Registration times will be staggered 6th grade opening at
8am, 5th grade 9am, 4th grade 10 am, 3rd grade 11, 2nd grade at 12, 1st
grade at 1, kinder at 2. Once registration opens it will stay open until April
17th at midnight or until that team reaches 24 kids.
● After teams reach 24 there will be a waitlist
● Mandatory camp dates are July 28th-30th. Times 8:30-12:30. Show Offs
will be that Saturday the 30th at 11:30
● CAMP IS MANDATORY, if your child can’t make camp they will not be able
to participate in this season. After much consideration over the last several
years girls that miss camp make it difficult to learn routines
● There will be a contract this year that will be have to be signed at Uniform
Fitting stating if your daughter ends up not attending camp she will not be
allowed to participate in the rest of the season but you are still responsible
for the entire cost
● Games and practices are mandatory. Practice days and times are up to the
discretion of the coaches. Coaches will have practice days, times and
locations sent out by July 30th. When your child misses practices and
games it impacts the team being able to practice the routine.
● If you miss 3 practices your child will have to sit out of the first half of the
● Attendance will be taken at every practice
● If you are interested in coaching or being a team mom there will be a
google form available to fill out on the website. It will open April 4th-April
17th. Anyone who wants to coach or be team mom whether returning or
new will have to fill out the form.
● Board will then vote on coaches/team moms for each team and neely will
contact them letting them know.
● Coaches are REQUIRED to be at camp and practices and games.
● Coaches will have practice days/times and locations sent out to their teams
by July 30th