2024 Fall Cheerleading

                                                     Cost Estimate Participation Form



Registration & Camp 

Registration (*non refundable )                                            $85.00                        

Summer Camp                                     $85.00


Total Registration & Camp Cost:                           $170.00




Uniform & Accessories 

Shell Top & Skirt                                $115.00

Briefs                                     $15.00

Mock Turtleneck                               $20.00

Poms                                     $20.00

Jacket                                     $45.00

Bow                                     $22.00

Practice Uniform                              $30.00

Backpack                                    $45.00


Total Uniform Cost:                            $312.00                                                    



Spirit Gifts & Competition

Spirit Gift Fee                                 $60.00

Competition Entry Fee                            $45.00

Total Gift & Competition Cos                  $105.00




Total Season Cost



Payment Options

1. Pay in full by Uniform Pick-Up

2. First minimum  payment of $200.00 due by uniform fitting

3. Final payment due at Uniform Pick-Up 




Other Cost & Responsibilities

Participation in Fundraiser ($250.00 (pretax) in Items Sold or $150.00 Buy-Out Option)

All white cheer/athletic shoes

No show white socks

Solid Black Leggings

Water Jug (will be required to purchase through fundraiser if you don’t already have one)


Scholarships Available 

Financial Need or Questions Please Contact:

Neely Holland, HHCA President                               [email protected]        214-717-8267    

Jen Porter, HHCA Vice President         [email protected]     817-692-6257         


www.hhcacheer.com      [email protected]