2024 Fall Cheerleading

    Cost Estimate Participation Form



Registration & Camp 

Registration                                                $ 85.00


Summer Camp   MANDATORY CAMP                $85.00


Total Registration & Camp Cost:                            $170.00




Uniform & Accessories 

Shell Top & Skirt                  $115.00

Briefs                                     $15.00

Mock Turtle neck $20.00

Poms                                     $20.00

Jacket                                    $35.00

Bow                                     $22.00

Practice Uniform                  $25.00

Backpack                               $38.00

Water Jug (Mandatory item if you do not already have and will need to be purchased through the fundraiser)

All prices include sales tax where applicable


Total Uniform Cost:                                $290.00



Spirit Gifts & Competition

Spirit Gift Fee                                $60.00

Competition Entry Fee                $45.00

Total Gift & Competition Cost:                            $105.00




Total Season Cost






Other Cost & Responsibilities

Participation in Fundraiser ($200.00 (pretax) in Items Sold or $100.00 Buy-Out Option) Fundraiser due by Uniform fitting.

All white cheer/athletic shoes

No show white socks

Black Leggings


Scholarships Available 

Financial Need or Questions Please Contact:



www.hhcacheer.com      [email protected]